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We are an executive search and recruitment company providing International Placement Services. Our Excellence is in providing highly qualified and experienced professionals for senior, middle and junior management level. Our Specialization is in understanding company needs and providing candidates with relevant experience and skills to meet your needs. Our Mission is to recruit responsible people in respect of vacancy and company needs. Today's highly competitive world requires Experienced, Skilled and Hardworking professionals to get an edge in the rat race. We partner you in this Endeavour for providing professionals.



The Employer, Principle will formally issue a Demand Letter in favour of AL ESDAR Management Consultancy ., Stating as follows…, JOB CATEGORIES, Number of workers required in each category, Salary – Per Day / Per month, Duty Hours & Overtime Terms, Period Of Contract, Accommodation, Food, Transportation & Medical, And Other amenities for workers…


The Employer, Principle will formally issue a Power of Attorney in favour of AL ESDAR Management Consultancy ., addressed to the Consulate General of the concerned UAE, informing them that AL ESDAR Management Consultancy ., is their bonafide Manpower Recruiting Agent fully authorized to deal with all Visa matters, Submissions and Delivery, with said Embassy.


This is a standard Employment Contract between Employer and Employee.


To begin with, the Employer and the Al Esdar Management Consultancy should execute an Agency Agreement between them stating adequately the Terms and Conditions regarding Demand This Agreement should be signed by both the parties towards acceptance of stated terms and conditions upon which the manpower trade will be executed.


  • We need a Power of Attorney and the Demand Letter from the Client Company Letter head duly attested by the Concerned Approval authorities.
  • We need at least 20 days time for conducting the Client Interview from the date of receiving the above said Power of Attorney and the Demand Letter.
  • The Client Company has to inform the exact date to conduct the interview, may be one day or two days, which may mutually be agreed by us and the company.
  • If needed, We will arrange for the Travelling arrangements and the Hotel arrangements for the Clients who are coming to conduct the Personal
  • Interview in our Place. The complete travel schedule of the client has to be provided to us for making the arrangements.
  • In case, if the client is interested to conduct a Telephonic or Video Conference Interview with the candidates, We would be arranging for the same at the exact date and time convenient for both the Client company and for us.
  • Regarding Selection process, We would be sending a Set of Resumes required by the Client Company. The Client Company may shortlist the selected resumes from the resumes and inform the same to us.
  • We would be arranging for the Personal interview or Telephonic or Video Conference interview with the selected candidates on the dates and time convenient to the client company.
  • The Personal Interview may be conducted between 08.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • The Candidates who are selected by the Client Company in the interview may be provided with an Offer Letter detailing the Basic Salary,
  • Designation, other benefits, terms and conditions, etc., of the company.
  • The Candidates who are selected and got the Offer Letter, We send candidates for Medical Check Up by the authorized Medical Centers of the respective Embassies of the Country of Employment.
  • We will be collecting the required documents from the Selected Candidates and send it to the Client Company for VISA Processing Procedures.
  • The Company may complete the VISA formalities and send the same to us.
  • After receiving the VISA, the Company has to arrange for the Flight Tickets for the selected candidates (or) We would be arranging for the same depending upon the Mutual Agreement.
  • We would be provided at least one week time to arrange for Departure of the Candidates from the date receiving the VISA from the company.
  • We will be collecting One month Salary as Our Service Charge from the Client Company (or) from the Candidates.
  • From the date of joining the work, if any candidate resigns or if the company is not satisfied with a candidate within a month, we would be providing with same kind of worker as a replacement.

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